What Should I Sell?

What should I sell? This is probably the number one question people ask us when they sign up for 199Jobs. If you haven’t done it before, turning your skills into cash can really be tough, especially if you don’t know what to post as a job in the first place.

So to help you out, we’ve cooked up this short set of questions you can ask yourself so you can find out what services you can offer and sell.

What do I love doing?

If you love doing something, chances are you try to do it as often as possible. And if you do something often enough, you’ll get better and better at it over time. And as you get better, that something can actually be a service you can offer in exchange for real money. Yes, people will actually pay you to do the things you love.

For instance, if you enjoy coming up with funny puns to share with your friends, you can post a job offering 10 witty domain names. Or if you like chatting with people online, you can offer to interview the customers of a business.

So the first step is to list down all the things you love doing right now.

What do you do well?

It’s likely that you’re already an expert on a few things (or above average if you’re feeling modest). It’s probably because you do it at work or for your volunteer work, and you’ve polished your skills well enough that you can do the job flawlessly each and every time.

For example, you format presentations for your boss at work. You already have a system where you can convert any kind of report into a slide deck in a few minutes. You can actually offer that as a job, transforming data into Powerpoint presentations for clients.

Now, think of all the things you can do well. It can be at your job, stuff you do at home, what you do when you volunteer, and things you work on in the organizations you’re part of.

What do people say you’re good at?

If you’re having a hard time thinking of things you are good at, maybe you can ask friends and family what they think you do well. It might not be apparent to you but you might have been good at something when you are a kid, or you did exceptionally well in class when you were still at school and just forgot about it.

This time, ask around and list down all the things other people say you’re good at. Even if you don’t believe them, list it down anyway.

Turning the lists into jobs

Look at your lists and find things that are common in the things you love doing, and the things you or others say you are good at. The intersection of both lists is an excellent place to know what services you can sell at 199Jobs.

For example:

You love drawing, and people say your Photoshop skills are above average, then offer digital art creation services like designing Facebook cover photos or tarpaulin layouts.

You love gadgets, and your blog has lots of readers because you write well, then offer smartphone review articles, or technology news writing services as a job.

You love spending time on Facebook, and your friends say that you have great fashion sense, then offer social media marketing for fashion products as a job.

These are just a few of the things you can sell on the site. So take some time to do and review your list, post the job, and start making money online today.

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