Why It Is Important To Have a Creative Side Project

Creative activities can provide people with valuable experiences in terms of control and mastery. However, it may also give workers experiences of self discovery, which can boost work performance.

Moreover, when people do creative side projects, they can recover from work-related stress. And that recovery plays an important psychological function.

So when recovery and creativity is combined, employees can reach their full potential while increasing their productivity level at work.

Difference between Creative Hobbies and Side Projects
Don’t think that creative side projects and hobbies are the same. In fact, there is a clear difference between these two concepts.

Side projects have an output that is eventually achieved while creative hobbies are a long-term interest that you tend to do.

For instance, the new sounds or instruments developed by musicians are side projects. On the other hand, creative writing is a hobby that you love to do in the long run. Don’t be confused, but these two are both beneficial to your career.

What Kind of Creative Side Projects Can You Do
If you’re into writing, you can create a blog, a newsletter, or a book. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can design a website or WordPress themes. But if you want something that is more physical and done out of your room, you can try photography.

In fact, there are so many creative side projects you can do to boost your creativity and job performance. And while you’re enjoying these creative activities, you are improving other aspects in your life as well.

Advantages of Doing Creative Activities Related to Your Job
Based on studies, people who do creative hobbies are more resourceful, collaborative, and helpful when performing their job. They are also more in control and relaxed when it comes to accomplishing their daily tasks.

So, when companies encourage their employees to engage in creative activities, they are also helping them to recover from stress and fatigue caused by tight schedule and deadlines.

And to add to these, the following are other benefits of having a creative hobby or side project:

  • It’s fun. Creative side projects allow people to invest their time in doing what they really love. And this is the true meaning of happiness.
  • It’s a fresh learning experience. When you engage in creative hobbies, it allows you to discover and experience new things you thought never existed. Hence, it helps you create new techniques to simplify your work.
  • It boosts creativity. Since side projects can be done without deadlines and other constraints, it plays well in your personal growth and creativity.
  • Serves as excellent source of self development and training. Apart from reading, you can increase your knowledge and skills through immersing yourself into your hobby. It’s a great way to develop more confidence while growing as a person.

To finish, some tips to help you keep an active creative hobby or side project are to find time, focus on the subject, define your goals, create an action plan, and combine all your interests.

That way, you will become more creative and productive in doing your work without feeling stressed all the time.

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