Why Your Real Estate Business Should Have a Website

by carpediem

Being in the real estate business is like being in the middle of a battlefield. The competition is so intense and if you can’t make a sale, your business will die.

Of course, no one likes their real estate business to die. And the good news is, having a website is a great way to save your business from being eaten up by the ever growing competition out there.

Real Estate Marketing: Before and Now

Before, when real estate businesses haven’t reached the internet yet, it’s hard to find a realtor. The only way you can find one is through a friend’s or a relative’s recommendation, advertisements and yellow pages.

Moreover, even if you find one through these channels, you won’t really know if your realtor is good unless you try his or her services.

But now, realtors are easy to find because they are all over the internet. Also, it’s now easy to determine whether they are good or not. Within a single click, you’ll know what their business is all about.

As obvious as it is, real estate marketing nowadays is a different ball game. In fact studies show that 90% of potential home buyers search the internet for houses.

Moreover, to know exactly how the internet can help you grow your real estate business, then below are the benefits of having a website.

Builds Trust
Before people buy something, they need to trust the seller first. They do background checks first to see if the seller is credible.

If you have a website, you’ll be more trustworthy to the public’s eyes because they’ll be able to see what you can provide to them. Also, they can see the feedback from your previous customers to check if your business can provide them what they need.

Turns Doubters into Buyers
You can interact with your customers if you have a website.

If you’re a real estate agent, you can use your persuasion techniques while talking to them so they’ll be convinced to make a purchase. Also if they have doubts, you can enlighten them with a courteous explanation on what your business can offer.

People Will See You as an Authority
Before buying a home, people ask a lot of questions first. If you can answer them all in your website, they will see you as an expert in real estate; and thus, they’ll know they’re in good hands.

Also, you can give tips on buying homes so they’ll know that you’re sincere about helping them.

Spreads Your Brand to the World
Once your business is online, it’s easier to tell the world about what you do. You can share it to people through social media, email and forums. And if your website is shared by lots of people, your business’s reach and popularity will surely increase.


How to pull customers using your website:

Through Blogging
You must have a blog in your website. If you have a blog, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking will go up. And if it does, it will be easy for people to find you in search engines like Google.

Let’s say a new couple searched for “best houses” in Google. If you’re on top of Google’s list, they will find you first.

Through Social Media
Social media is a powerful weapon. Use it for your benefit. Through social media sharing, more people will become familiar with your business.

And when that happens, you can get more customers. Also, you can answer their questions through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Through Email
It may be an old trick but it still gets the job done. To get more customers through email, send the link of your website to your list of contacts.

When sending emails, you should include a summary and a subtle promotion of your business so people will know you’re serious.

In Conclusion

Everyone’s using the internet now. Bill Gates wasn’t lying when he said “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

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