Writing Copy Using 3 C’S


So I was going over my previous notes on how to write copy and I realized that I need a new framework. AIDA is cool and all but it’s a bit complicated. Also, it seems it isn’t as easy to grasp as other concepts. I propose a new way to write using 3 C’s.

Essentially, it’s a bucket of all your activities that involve getting people from where they are to where your content is.

Now that you have them in front of your content, the next step is to change the way they are thinking to the way you want them to think. To put it less creepily, you want them to move from not thinking about your product to thinking about your product, in a good way hopefully.

Once you have them, time to incite action! What should they do now? This is something you always have to add, whether it’s copy or an article or a guest post.

I think this is easier to remember, given they each start with C, like copy. Also, they are all verbs which ensures that your mindset is always focused on action which is what copy is for in the first place.

Photo credit: LEOL30

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