Your Customers Want Benefits, Not Solutions


Entrepreneurs have been used to selling solutions to make their target market buy their products.

However, in today’s information-driven society, marketing your solutions may not be enough anymore to get ahead of your competitors. The primary reason is quoted below:

What’s the number one reason you buy a product or service? It’s because you’ve found a solution to your problem, right? Well, although people want to buy solutions, solution selling doesn’t work as well as it used to.


Because of the web, people are now able to do their own research and find their own solutions. 60% of people do research, set requirements, benchmark pricing and rank options before they buy. In other words, customers already know all of the potential solutions out there, and they are just trying to figure out which one to pick.

This doesn’t mean you should stop solution selling, but you should also start selling the benefits of your product or service.

Makes sense, right?

So the next time to create your ad copy, aside from selling your solution, make sure that you give highlight to your product’s benefits.

Source: 7 Simple Copywriting Tweaks That’ll Shoot Your Conversion Rate Up

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