How do I buy with my Store Credits?

  • 1.
    Once you’ve chosen a job to buy, click on it. If you are in a conversation with a seller, scroll to the top and click “Order Now” in the menu.

  • 2.
    At the green addons area,
    (a) check off the add-ons you want included,
    (b) select how many orders you want, then
    (c) click on the green Order Now button when you’re ready to buy.

  • 3.
    In the Choose Payment page, click on the green button. It’s really hard to miss, don’t worry. If you need to check on your Store Credit balance, it’s also show on the page.

  • 4.
    That’s it, pancit! The Work Starts! page will tell you what the seller needs from you to get things done.

What are Store Credits?

Store Credits are used to pay for jobs, kind of like the prepaid load for your phone. The conversion is simple: 1 Store Credit = 1 PHP.

What’s the difference between using Store Credits versus PayPal?


  1. Buying is easier and faster because the payments are all done inside on site, instead of going to another payment page
  2. No more fumbling with your phone to pay for each job!
  3. No more lining up to pay for every job you need to buy!

Do Store Credits expire?

Store Credits expire one year after purchase.

Okay let’s do it! How do I get Store Credits?

Click here to Buy Store Credits. Choose the pack you want to buy and follow the instructions on checkout. After we confirm the payment, your account will automatically be loaded with your Store Credits.

If you are paying via bank deposit or bank transfer, please send the payment within 48 hours from placing an order.

Where can I check my remaining Store Credits?

Go to My Account > Payments to view your remaining Store Credit balance.

Seems I don’t need my Store Credits after all. Can I return it?

Contact us so we can help you out with that. Take note though that you can only avail of this within 30 days from your Store Credit purchase, and only if you haven’t spent any of it. Payment processor fees will be deducted from the returned amount. If you used a credit card, this can take up to 30 days to process.

If you need more info about Store Credits, please read our Terms of Service.