I can be a virtual assistant in any business.

I have enough experience and I am motivated with what I do.

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What you'll be getting

You will get an instant assistant, manager and worker at the same time when you have me. I can do all kinds of task and I am a fast learner

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I am a virtual assistant. I can do administrative task and Internet research, generating and organizing leads. Craggiest Posting, and have Excellent English Language Comprehension.

I am also an Online Marketing Assistant. I have been task to do the following tasks; Handling emails, Cold emailing and Cold calling.

Also I can do the basic task like; Data entry with the use of Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Set Appointments with internal/external Clients through E-mails.

Lastly, I've been a customer service representative for Retail accounts, A billing agent for Telephone companies and a Technical support (chat agent). 5 years experience in this industry.

I am a Team player, Hardworking, Fast Learner, Exciting to work with, Passionate and Eager to learn new things. I can communicate well in the English Language to assure Good Service.

I am Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. The experiences and trainings that I obtained from my past job position enhanced my skills and capabilities that enables me to have the capacity for a job that I'm applying for. I am confident in my ability to come up with interesting ideas for your business.

I can be very useful in your team since my main objective to my clients is to give an Outstanding Results, Long Term Relationship, Professionalism, and leave them 100% Satisfied with my work.

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My name is Leonna Rose Berame but you can call me Rose. I've been working as an online freelancer...
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