I can be your executive virtual associate, too!

I am the person to go to in case you can no longer multi-task!

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I can manage your social media pages for a week (post 1 updates or more per day). If your looking for a VA and can't see what you are looking for in my work description, let me know, I may be able to do it as well.

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I have been a virtual associate for more than 3 years and a digital publisher for more than 5 years. I have been handling various Facebook pages as a free lancer.

Let me be your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. I can help you accomplish bulk tasks and update your social media platforms. Just provide complete job description be it basic data entry or order fulfillment using (excel or Shopify) and provide the full details for the tasks and I'll start immediately.

I can also help you with customer support, research, manage social media and do virtual assistant or VA work.

I can also proofread data, contents and articles.

Business Package 1 - Data entry or order fulfillment using (excel or Shopify)
* 20 data entry from Shopify to excel - 199

*Business Package 2 - Manage social media pages for a week (post 1 updates per day) - 199

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An executive virtual associate by day, an artist by night. A digital publisher, a traveler,...
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