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I can complete the task right away and I can give my 100% best effort to the job that you will provide to me.I am a fast learner so if you give me the instructions I can easilyfinish right away.

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I took up B.S Criminology as my College degree and I was able to pass the Licensure Examinations. This achievement did not hinder me to get out of my comfort zone and so I worked on the jobs that would help me grow as a professional. I worked in a Real State company that is why I was able to gain knowledge in Sales and succeed on it.

Moreover, I was able to involve myself in working as a promoter in a Call Center company. Working as a sourcing associate would be hard if you don’t have any determination and if you are not industrious to lure potential agents and this work definitely made a huge impact in my career. I have contributed a lot for my company because with my hard work, I was able to maintain the manpower in my company making sure it’s sustainable growth and production. There have been a time that I would love to be part of the Telecommunications Company as an agent so without doubting myself, I applied and got the job.

Within one year of experience working in the BPO company, I was able to attain skills that help me achieved my goal. To be specific, I was able to cater the inquiries of our customers from US that would help them achieve the information they need with convenience. Handling a customer’s credit card information is not an easy task so I am very keen to make sure that those information would remain as private. The nature of my job also involves direct selling. This task help me gain more confidence and expand my multitasking abilities.

In relation to this, I was able to work as well in E-commerce which include Lead Generation but most of all, I already participated in a data entry job as a Facebook Marketer in Home based job.I have never doubted myself and because I believe that I have the character & qualities of the person required by the job because I am very patient, hardworking and I have the human element that make customers feels like they are talking to a real person and not a robot.


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