I can clerical works (encoding, receiving mails, etc.)

I do work excellently in a very fast way.

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What you'll be getting

I will be able to encode documents, do data sheets, arrange electronic ls, and any clerical or secretarial work that yo want me to do. I can be your virtual assistant at hand whom you can always count on what ever type clerical works that you wish to be done.

More info

I am Rowela S. Basa, 22 years of age and I am a professional teacher. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Major in English at the University of the Assumption. I am now a student under the program Master of Arts in Education Major in English.
I am very enthusiastic in writing research papers, and other academic studies.
I have been a teacher for three years now, previously from a private school and now in a public school.

I also do the following services:
1. Transcribe any 30 mins audio/video for only 199 (for longer one, i can customize for you.)
2. Create a maximum of 30 slides powerpoint presentation for about any topic.
3. Translate English to Filipino and vice versa documents/articles.
4. Write a 500 words article/essay/reflection.
5. Write an e-book for you regarding any topic.
6. Be your Virtual Assistant.
7. Manage your emails, website, pages, and accounts.
8. Encode data for your document
9. Convert any PDF file to Microsoft Document

and Many more.

Thank you so much and God bless! :)

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I am Rowela S. Basa, 25 years of age and I am a professional teacher.
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fast turnaround time. excellent work. thank you!
excellent job! thanks!
I sent a follow-up twice but no answer. So, I decided to cancel my order to her.
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