I can conceptualize/organize themed parties/events (birthdays, baby shower, etc) for P199

I will make your event beautiful and memorable.

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You will receive a two (2) plan or ideas for your party. The plan will consist of desired theme and I will also present you another theme that I personally picked and thought that will also fit your likings, pictures or photo inspo of hall decorations (stage backdrop, table setting, dessert buffet, and others), photo inspo for the perfect party give-aways, lists of games/icebreakers, and ideas of all the extra fun activities or highlights (such as: photobooth ideas, uniques welcoming of guests, and etc) for your party. Also, I will present tutorial videos or photos of the decorations, hall prep, and other stuff just incase you decide to DIY. Since I am working remotely, I WILL NOT PERSONALLY ORGANIZE YOUR EVENT, I WILL JUST PROVIDE YOU START UP PLANS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER AND SAVE YOU FROM SLEEPLESS NIGHTS THINKING OF THE PERFECT THEME/PARTY. You can use any of the plan/ideas and give it to a party supplier/coordinator of your choice to execute it for you, or you can personally do it yourself. All you have to do for us to work is tell me where and what time of the day your party will be, what are your likes and dislikes, how would you want it to be, who will be the guests, and ofcourse, what party is it. That's all.

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