I can create a content strategy report for your business!

Leverage your social media presence for your business!

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What you'll be getting

Get an in-depth ready-to-implement content strategy report that is aligned with your business! Here are the content of the report:

- Social Media Goals & Objectives
- Target Audience Analysis
- Competitor Analysis
- Content Mapping
- Content Guideline
- Content Creation Process
- Keyword & SEO Strategy
- Product/Service Promotion Strategy
- Supporting documents
- Case studies

More info

Having an effective content strategy is essential when starting a business. This helps you achieve consistency with your branding and allows you to have meaningful engagement with your audience!

Since providing your contact information is not allowed on this platform, we'll be doing a written consultation where you'll do your best to provide me with answers to the questions that I will be listing below! :)

The more details, the better I can gauge your business and craft an in-depth content strategy that is aligned with your business goals.

Take a deep breath, think about your business, and visualize what you hope to achieve in the next few months and years!

1. What are your primary social media goals? (ex. build brand awareness, provide educational content, etc)

2. Who is your target audience? (are you targeting millennials? men, women, or both? people residing in a specific area or nationwide?)

3. What social media platforms are you planning to use? (ex. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok)

4. Do you already have a branding? (logo, colors, etc -- if you already have, kindly attach them so I can review them as well!)

5. Can you provide me with the links of businesses you think can be your competitors?

6. What is the name of your business?

7. What are the products/services that you sell?

8. If I am a customer, how will you introduce your business to me? (summary of your business)

These are the initial questions that you should answer, and I might have follow-ups if needed :)

Thank you, and I hope to work with you soon and help you grow your business!

- Sam

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