I can data entry / web data extraction

I can help you with the Data Entry / Web Data Extraction

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What you'll be getting

I can look for different information from different website and input on the file depending on the format that you want.

More info

Hi. I am Donna Kaye Encarnacion, a graduate of BSBA Major in Human Resources Dev't. Been working for 6 years now in HR field. I can help you with the following:

1. Search data / information thru different portals and transfer it to an excel file.
2. Data Entry with 100% accuracy.
3. Can submit the job prior to the date (depending on the number of entries)
4. Convert PDF to Word file.
5. Convert PDF to Excel file by making a new template.
6. Translate English to Tagalog or vice versa.
7. Help you manage your accounts (email, online pages and accounts)
8. Help you compute payroll.
9. Help you do the timekeeping.
10. Can help you with the management strategic planning.

With my service, you will be gain the following benefit;
1. Gain valuable customer insights
2. Run targeted ads with real time results
3. Share content faster and easier
4. You can focus on the other chores.
5. 100% accuracy

Rest assured that I can provide you the file that you need prior to your expected date.

We can negotiate with the payment, if needed. :)

I just need the full details of the job (info, deadline, job offer)

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