I can dispatch a truck, quote, track, manage multiple customer.

Dispatcher/ Virtual Assistant/ Facebook Manager

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Hi! If you are looking for someone who is very talented, hard-working, and can find a solution to everything kind of VA. I'm definitely the one for you! I believe that all business needs a highly professional and young VA who is energetic and can surpass all the expectations that you were looking for as an employer. If you are looking for someone loyal and really care for your business, Trust me I'm the VA that you may need.

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Let me give you a short introduction about myself. I started working as a VA year 2020 so it's been a year and a half now.
I have worked as an intake specialist at a Disability company and they are located in Waltham, MA. I help people who have disabilities to get qualified with their SSS Benefits by gathering all the required information needed SSS.

After that, I worked in a Third-party logistics company and I become an account manager, as I handle multiple customers and make sure that they are happy with all their shipments with us.

Then, I decided to level up my skills as I believe that smart people must not stop learning. So, I enrolled in a Facebook Advertising course I enrolled with one of the high-paying coaches here in the Philippines, and she is an expert when it comes to Facebook Media Advertising. So, there I applied it to some local businesses here in the Philippines, and gladly they are happy with my results. I also help some bloggers here to gain more followers and subscribers.

I'm always open to more opportunities as I am very competitive and motivated and will not waste my time, especially since I'm still young and able to cope with a lot of knowledge. Feel free to reach out to me.

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