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I promise to deliver the project, (whichever format you prefer) within the time frame negotiated. This may include ANY of the following: - research - data entry - formatting of documents - email blasts and text blasts - follow-ups - inquiries. - any other admin work we agreed upon

More info

I can be your virtual assistant for administrative tasks and any other admin work we agreed upon.

Packages available here: https://199jobs.com/jobs/admin-office/make-your-life-easier-hire-me-as-your-gva-can-even-do-groceries-for-you/

Turn around time may vary depending on the task assigned. An advance call/message would be appreciated so we can discuss your project specifics.

You may also send inquiries to help you with the your job request.

However, please note that meet-ups or work that would require my physical presence are not included in this job.

Send us complete instructions and details. Including specifications on the task/s required.

An advance call/message IS REQUIRED so we can discuss the totality of the project. (Unless we have a previous set agreement.)

*I reserve the right to cancel orders when order is done without prior (acknowledged) notification/warning.

Delivery of the project in a format you prefer will depend on the job specifics and your requirements.
Make sure to include the following in your order request/message:
1. required format type
2. required template/outline
3. any other requirement you have

Also, please note that this job doesn't include writing content.

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Customer Feedback
Good job, worked fast. Thanks.
Greater than what I expected!!! Sulit - Really worth it. I know 199 isnt much but having to trust someone takes a lot of thinking.:)
A very friendly yet professional way in performing the job as VA, as well as will manage to adopt to changes as per clients' preferences! Splendid indeed
I cant find enough words to say how an AWESOME JOB that was! Remarkable display of a sincere writer who wants to give more and also a concerned coach with a bigger heart. If youre a "lost"-wanna-be author like me, you are in the right place here with her.
created over a year ago in admin & support
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