I can do administrative tasks or anything that will help my buyer

A leader without support is nothing

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Once done, I guarantee that you'll be satisfied and feel relief. Also if you want me to do the job for you again i can grant you a request and give you a simple gift.

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It will be easy for the buyer to do his business once he buy my service also instead he do his work alone it will be manageable for him. He can have some time for other things.
All I need from the buyer is elaborate the complete details he wanted for me to do my job well. I'm easy to deal with, all i need a collaboarative details like you want me to some documents it not just documents i need some format like font size, margin etc. My job is not perfect because nobody is perfect i make a mistakes but i can avoid it by following the correct instruction and not misunderstand the instruction. I will chat the buyer if i have further question regarding to his product to do my job well.
When I do my job my don't is , rushing me to do the job in just a minute or an hour if it takes more than 3 days.

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I am Erica Bautista a degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration major in...
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