I can do advance excel, data entry, administrative, photo editing, automation

Goal Oriented/Detail-oriented, Fast worker, Well-organize

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Basically I use excel for data gatherings. I make a system using excel with complex formulas and coding. Detailed computations, Automation and Macros. You can see the status or easy to say monitoring of sales, net, gross income, inventory, expenses, even expiry dates, duration and many more features depending on the project. I used to make automation projects. Not that I am lazy but I can assure that it is reliable means there is accuracy in the reports and well organized.
I can do Forecasting using excel. It helps a lot to know the average stocks meaning not too much stocks or few stocks. Aside from that we can minimize losses and generate more income to the business.
Possible also to forecast depends on Seasons.
I do Advance Inventory System, Scheduling System, Payroll System, Restaurant Data Monitoring System, Customized Computing Platform(Quotation of vehicles, Construction Projects, CCTV Projects and any businesses Projects.)
I do have analytical skills to understand or examine large data and am able to get an idea from these data sets.

By giving me the data or information I need for the forecasting.
You can generate more profits in your businesses.
You will be satisfied by the finish product.
I can do bulk data entry and many more.
Since I am flexible, just give me the instruction and i will do it!

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