I can do any kind of data entry work on demand

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I work on:
1. Data mining, extraction and collection from websites and input in Excel (or any document based on demand)
2. Data entry in excel
3. Removing duplicates and cleaning excel files
4. Cleaning and editing tables in MS word
5. Layout in MS Publisher
6. Splitting and merging of data or files
7. Creating charts
8. Creating formulas in Excel
9. Formatting of Word Documents
10. Proofreading
11. Creating financial reports
12. Editing images (Such as removing backgrounds)
13. Qui

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Good day!
I am an experienced data entry worker who is knowledgeable of MS Word, Excel, Publisher, and even PowerPoint Presentation.
I can do thorough data research and process data on demand.
I am detailed oriented and can guarantee quality of work in the most efficient and time conserving way.
I am a man of punctuality and always ensure that I will never miss deadline for my own benefit and for the client.
You can contact me to discuss the project and see to ourselves if we will be able to meet at an agreement.
I need the objectives, information, deadline and trust of my buyers to get the job started. I cannot get my buyers to trust me immediately but I will show them the work with accuracy with the intention in my mind to exceed your expectations.
I am looking forward working with you soon!

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