I can do audio and video transcription (for 30 minutes)

I always give my best to the task that I'm assigned to.

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What you'll be getting

Transcript of the audio or video (requested in docx format). Edited, grammar checked, concise transcript. I can also do verbatim and non-verbatim transcript of the audio or video.

More info

*I can transcribe your audio or video ONLY if it's in English language.

*If the Audio or Video is not clear, expect it to be done at least 3-6 days

*If it's rush, I ONLY accept clear Audio and Video (I can't properly edit it within time If it's not clear, Hope you understand)

*If there are any problems or MAJOR revision to be made, I can do it again (ONLY if we both agree beforehand, to redo some things)

*The audio or video should be up to 30 minutes maximum (If it's more than 30 minutes, Additional charges would be made)

*Before placing an order (Contact me or message me first) I would like to discuss some things with you and vice versa, If you have any other questions to avoid some complications

Please send me your audio or video to be transcribed. I always give my best to the task that I'm assigned to. Please trust me with your Audio or Video to be transcript.

Note: I will NOT be transcribing audios that contain explicit content. Thank you :)

Have a Good Day!

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