I can social media management, data entry tasks, and graphic design

This is Sittie at you service!

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What you'll be getting

Depending on the Client's Preferences;
The client will receive a fast transaction and accurate outcome based on their description task given to me. As long as we have communication with the client and talk deliberately about the tasks.

For me, COMMUNICATION is key to everything!

More info

Hi! I'm Sittie and I'm an experienced Social Media Manager. I have an experience that may be useful to you in achieving your business objectives on online platforms. I've assisted previous clients in managing their social media presence, generating leads, traffic, and organic engagements, setting up advertisements, and assisting my clients' businesses in growing. I can also help you with data entry, graphic design, and transcription, which may be useful in your business. I worked as a Social Media Manager for 6 months and as a Data Entry Specialist for 1 year.

I'm enthusiastic about assisting ambitious small businesses with social media marketing and promotion, allowing them to achieve their objectives. I can help you engage current and potential customers, professionally and creatively represent your brand on various Social Media Platforms, generate leads and convert them into sales, and make the most of what you have!

In addition to performing my work, I evaluate, measure, and constantly improve it. Outstanding strategies are founded on innovation and supported by compelling data.

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Hi! I'm Sittie and I'm an experienced Social Media Manager. I have an experience that may be...
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