I can do data entry, encoding files, transfer files to ms excel, advertice, sales

I am passionate and dedicated. I am teachable and fast learner.

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I can be very useful in your team since my main objective to my clients is to give an Outstanding Results, Long Term Relationship, Professionalism, and Leave them 100% Satisfied with my work.

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I'm an online marketing assistant. I have been tasked to do the following tasks; Handling Emails, use of Email Marketing, Cold Emailing, Facebook Advertising, Handling Wordpress Websites, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising,and anything related to digital/online marketing.

I am also a Virtual Assistant, I can do Administrative tasks like Internet Research, Generating and Organizing Leads, Craigslist Posting, Keyword Research with the use Google AdWords and have Excellent English Language Comprehension.

Also, I can also do a basic task like; Data Entry with the use of Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Manage Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Calendar, Set Appointments with internal/external clients through E-mails.

Additional skill is editing photos with the use of Adobe Photoshop.

Lastly, I am a Nursing graduate with (2) years of actual experience in the field. But I focuses on Sales and Marketing. I have (5) years experience on sales. Experiences like; Sales Quotation Proposal and Submission to clients, Sales Reports, Inventory Reports, Market Segmentation, Market Survey, and Payslip Recording.

I am a Team player, Hardworking, Fast Learner, Exciting to work with, Passionate and Eager to learn new things. I can communicate well in the English Language to assure Good Service.

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