I can do data entry tasks and other work related to it.

Data Entry

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What you'll be getting

What you will get from me is, of course, what you wanted. I will do my best to give you exactly how you want your output done.

For this job, I'll make sure the information I gather are legitimate and working. I'll make sure the data you give me will be kept in an organized manner such that no errors shall be dealt with.

More info

In data entry, manpower with speed and efficiency are needed in order to get things done as much as possible. I promise you that if you let me help, things will be done as fast as possible. And even though the work can be rushed, I can still assure you that the output will be promising as it should be.

If ever there will be unfortunate circumstances from either sides, I would still like to have a clear communication between the two party as nobody wants to have a dead job around. I hope that the agreement set in terms of deliverables and payments shall be honored the most upon checking this job out.

Anything can be included in this job as long as I can do it.

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I love doing administrative jobs and I always focus too much on details. I've been doing administrative...
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