I can do facebook advertising from a-z.

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As a bold overachiever who has the ability to execute effective and efficient media buys, you will have no trouble training me for this job position.
I see your business as an ideal place for me to apply my knowledge and in this regard I would be grateful if you were to give me serious thought and consider inviting me to an interview.
Thank you for your time and more power!

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As an ambitious professional, I am thrilled to learn about your job posting! Why? Because I would like to help you grow your business and maximize your profit. How will I do that? By using my extensive knowledge about digital marketing specifically, Facebook Advertising. Let me explain the process of my job that is surely effective especially these days. From creating a campaign that I launch every 12:00 midnight, with the right match of target location and audience based on your product, to maintaining, scaling and gathering enough audience in the campaign, I’d be able to create lookalike audiences to have impeccable target. One way to get your warm audience become your customer, is the effective retargeting.
For me Facebook Advertising is like shopping where you spend money on Ads (same as for clothing, shoes, bags, etc.) because it gives me sense of happiness, peace and satisfaction knowing I’m getting winning results and high ROI.

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