I can do graphic designing, admin tasks, video editing, social media management.

I help my clients to build, create and maintain their success

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I am Angelo Joshua R. Nicolas from the Philippines, and after reading your job posting, I decided that I would be a great fit for your needs. To give you a brief overview of my background and experience, I am currently the Business Development Manager for a cleaning and sanitation company in the Philippines. I have handled many difficult situations and people, training, admin tasks, finance tasks, email management, data entry, data analysis, customer service, sales management and I am organized, detail-oriented, and proactive when it comes to work process and projects. In addition, I frequently create product PR using spreadsheets, emails, powerpoint, word, canva, GoCanvas, Trello, SalesIQ, hunter.io and Photoshop. I also work as a freelance graphic designer, making things like business cards, infographics, product posters, calling cards, and a basic sort of audio and video editing.

These are the skills that I can offer to you:

1. Graphic Designing
*eg, (Business Poster, Web Designing, Calling Cards, Company Profile, Infographic Designs, Product Design)
2. Administrative Work
3. Data Entry
4. Data Analysis
5. Training and Development
6. Email Management
7. Social Media Management
8. Techincal Management
9. Training Management
10. Sales and Marketing

These are the application that I used:

1. Adobe Products (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Illustrator)
2. Google Suites (Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheet, PPT, Forms and Calendar)
3. Canva
4. Trello
5. Instagram
6. Pinterest
7. Youtube
8. Facebook
9. WordPress

I would very much appreciate having the chance to discuss it with you via a virtual meeting, and I am open to accepting any rate proposals you may have.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Joshua Nicolas

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