I can do typing jobs! for handwritten lectures, notes, reports, thesis etc.! for P199

I can gaurantee FAST! And GOOD quality work!

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No time for typing these long handwritten notes, lectures or reports that needed to be saved in soft copies? Or you have your thesis or long essays that needed to be printed right away for tomorrow's deadline, but yikes! You don't have enough time for typing it because you still have so many things to do!

Well, you have ME. For only P199, I can do that job for you! No need to stress out or worry too much about the deadline and tired hands. Because I can guarantee you that I'll be able to finish the job fast and in good quality. No hassle on your part. Just send me the scanned handwritten notes, essay, lectures, etc. And I'll type it all for you.

I can finish and deliver the job 2 to 3 days or earlier! If the job you'll be giving to me have a specific deadline, you should give it to me two days before the said deadline. So that we'll still have time for some check ups in my finished work.

Alterations or modifications are up to TWICE only.
For P199, up to 40 pages only.
Click my add on if the scanned notes (that I'll be typing) are more than 40 pages.

To send the scanned notes, files, etc. that you want me to work on, attached it to the message.
Or, upload the scanned files using Dropbox, Google Drive or similar services then send the link instead.

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