I can do typing jobs, research, encode pdf file to ms word or powerpoint

Able to do the task within three days or less

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Need to transfer your pdf file to ms word or powerpoint or do you need a simple research on any topic?

If so, then you've came to the right place!

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These are the following services that I offer:

1. Typing service (PDF file to MS Word/Powerpoint Presentation)
You can also buy my services for only P199 per 1000 words a day!

2. Research on any topic
(If you chose this, I will send you an 800-word document containing the essential facts about the topic you've given me.)

3. Make simple powerpoint on any topic
(When I say simple, it is a decent presentation without too much animation.)

4. Make product description/reviews (We can negotiate on this, with regards to your product.)

If you are interested, kindly send me the topic and the kind of service you need, and what kind of file do you need the pdf transferred. Note that the rate of the following is P199 per 750 words. The services mentioned above can be availed during MWF: 9am - 4am I can also offer my weekly typing service, which is 800 words per day at the same rate. Kindly send me a message, and let's start our deal. Thank you! :)

So, what are you waiting for? Message me now!

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