I can do video / audio transcribing with 5-8 mins length

Transcribe 5-8 minute video for 36 hours

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This job offers you fast acquisition of transcribed and written content of an audio or video provided by the buyer. The content will be completely written and translate into a document preferred by the client.

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Hi, I am Eifrel Ann Durante, an Industrial Engineer. As a writer and freelancer, you can expect an output from me which is unique, precise, grammatically correct and clean, tackling about any decent and realistic topic that is appropriate on the buyer’s requirement. I can provide the write-ups on time, with complete details as required by the buyer, provided that it is within the agreed requirement prior job acceptance. Being a writer, I can also give suggestions on the buyer on the approach on the article / content he is requesting, as this might also help him as input in any project he is in.
To proceed with the project, the audio / video given by the buyer, and as agreed on our transaction will serve as my input to start with the creation of the article or essay. Buyer should give the following details as initial need before the creation:
• Number of minutes
• Specific requirements for the outline (if necessary)
• Coverage on the discussion, if there will be other special requests from the buyer
I am open in any additional inputs that the buyer will suggest. Thank you and looking forward to working with you!

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Hi, I am Eifrel Ann Durante, an Industrial Engineer. This writing skills that I have is one...
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