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A. Personality issues before and during the Freudian era and their educational implications

During the Freudian era, personality issues were born when there is a significant conflict between the id, ego, and superego. In and education setting, a person who prioritizes the desires of the id may be rowdy and may appear to not take the studies seriously.

Before the Freduian era, both ancient Chinese and Greek medicine offer physiological and psychological explanations for the variety of personality types. The effect of the combination of blood and vital essence on temperament are mentioned in the Analects, a collection of sayings attributed to Confucius.

The first system of personality types in the Greco-Roman world was expounded in a book called The Characters, by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus. His book contains 30 descriptions that are all organized along the same structure; the character type is first named, then briefly defined in one short sentence, and finally illustrated by a list of about ten examples showing how the person will typically react in different life situations. This is in line with the notion, emphasized since DSM-III, that personality is revealed by a fixed pattern of reacting to various life circumstances. For instance, the “Suspicious Man,” is analogous to today's paranoid personality.

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