I can edit pdf or create fillable pdf forms

Accurate & Editable. Used with an OCR Software. Money Back Guarantee!

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What you'll be getting

You will have your converted/edited PDF to your desired file format. Fresh, raw converted file.

For a PDF with multiple pages to be converted to Image files (jpeg), the files will be stored in an alphanumeric password protected RAR file for security purposes.

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MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Make your PDF look professional!

I have a special OCR Software that will convert your PDF or scanned documents to an editable word, excel, or powerpoint and maintains 99.999% of the format.

PDF Conversion Services:
-PDF/Scanned Document to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (with fade out transitions for all pages)
-Signature Specimen Removal
-Watermark Removal/Inclusion
-Attached Link Removal/Inclusion
-Picture Inclusion

Your PDF file may contain infinite number of pages (but more page count results to longer delivery time). 5 pages approximately take just under 5 mins to convert AND send.

If the font/typeface/handwritting is clean, the better the quality of the converted file will be.

Fillable Form Integration Services:
-Text fields
-Check boxes
-Radio buttons
-Drop down menus
-Custom tab orders
-Digital signatures
-Save, Print, Reset & Submit buttons

It may take the whole day to do so depending on the number of integration to do. But I do assure you that I will deliver to you the fillable form within the day. I do not do custom calculations YET.

The files will automatically be deleted, will remain confidential, and not be re-uploaded on any file hosting services or cloud storage sites.

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