I can enter and organize your data via microsoft excel

Having problems sorting your data, adding formulas and tables?

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Be worry free and have your data sorted out! I am able to organize your data, put formulas, create tables and even add pivots and charts. One order is for data entries up to 200.

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With my advanced skills in Microsoft Excel, I am able to sort any data and make it more simple for you. My services include:
- data entry/encoding
- sorting data
- applying appropriate filters
- adding formulas
- creating tables
- organizing data to make it pleasing to the eyes

You can select an add on if you want me to create a pivot table and charts for your data.

If you want automations and lists in your report, I can create macros and drop down lists for you. Tell me you want a custom order.

*Due to data privacy, I am unable to provide all sample Excel files I have. You may see the image above to show you the pivot charts I have created. Please note that some details from these reports have been removed or censored for data privacy.

Sample report with Pivot and Macro: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eHQSIvRPOHkAYLseihWwmjPefVXbuVya/view?usp=sharing

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