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Does it bring you customers?

Does it get you sales?

Whether they use organic or paid, most online stores do tons of promotions to see which will perform best.

The ones that will give them the return of investment they hope for.

But most of the time, here's how it goes:

1. Run a promotion from scratch
2. Test this, test that, then this, then that...
3. Wonder why no customer buys or inquires
4. Spend a lot of time and money with no returns
5. Back to Step 1.

And this cycle that bears no fruit needs to end now because...

Why waste time and money starting from scratch to test what could possibly work...

WHEN you could enter the scene of what's currently working right now!

That means...

1. You're not starting from scratch
2. Because they tested most of their stuff already
3. And built an audience who are your potential buyers
4. Saving you a lot of time and money
5. All in this 'done-for-you' promotion.

Yes, this is possible! And it's called Influencer Marketing.

Where we collaborate with Content Creators or Brands who already established influence, trust and liking over your would-be customers...

That all it takes to make them buy is show your products.

So as an Influencer Marketing Agency, we created our own 15-step collab strategy to make sure our clients promotions don't just spread the word...

We make it a solution to getting customers, sales and ROI!

And if you'd like to try a sample of our first 5 steps for only Php 199...

Click on the order button below to have a quick chat with my team.

We'll ask you some questions that'd help us give you 3 influencer contacts right away.

The best part, if we do end up working together on the rest of the project and we don't give you the calculated returns--you WILL NOT owe us a single cent.

Order a request now here on 199Jobs to let us know where you're at and what you want to accomplish.

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