I can help you set up a blog/website using free website/blog domains for P199

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For the basic fee of 199, I'll be sending you a PowerPoint on How to set it up yourself. If you want me to do it for you, you need to click the add-on to avail the complete package.

If you availed of the add-on for the Complete Package, you'll get a simple WordPress website complete with a free theme of your choice (unless you have bought a premium theme) with basic pages and widgets.

The design addon is for when you've created the site and just needs some designs and decorations.

Best for business owners or startup bloggers, I can recommend multiple blog sites where we can set up for free.

By getting the Complete Package for this job via add-on, I'll be setting up a simple website/blog for you including a maximum of 3 blank pages in your menu ready to be filled up by your posts:
1. Home
2. About the Blogger -- (You can order a profile write up here: https://bit.ly/ArticleOrderLink)
3. Contact Me

You'll need to provide me your email so I can name the site under that email. (Put you as admin after I'm done)

The complete package may also include creation of basic logo and header (only if you still need it) as well as an email account to match your website/blog (only if you still need it).

Before ordering, please fill-out the following questions:
1. Your preferred domain and name of the Site
2. Is it a blog, a shop, or a business page?
3. What kind of theme do you prefer? (We can discuss this after your order if you're still undecided)
4. What widgets do you want to be included in your blog?
5. Do you have a picture I can use for your logo and header? (I can create a basic one for you.)
6. Email address to use? (or I can create an email account for you.)

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