I can manage your social media page (facebook, twitter, instgram, tumblr, etc.)

Busy? Don't have time to manage your SNS? I can help you

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What you'll be getting

I can help you create the design for your Social Media (Headers, Logo, Memes, etc)
Post something for every 2-3 times a week (For 1 month).

More info

I'm quite a random girl, and I managed some Social Media accounts before. I can keep track of new trends - Local and International - and news (Depending on your social media).
If you need help with your header, logo, etc. I can help you with that. And you can suggest somethings you wanted to add to the image. If you aren't satisfied with the image, you can tell me right away so could changed it again.

Also, price may vary. (If you wanted it to be more than 2 months and/or because of the content of your social media account. But we can negotiate)

*Before placing an order (Message me first) I would like to discuss some things with you and vice versa, If you have any other questions to avoid some complications

Social media is the best means to advertise your product or service out there. That means if it's TOO trendy, I can help you find something that is not too annoying or common. And that people would like.

Note: I will NOT be managing a Social Media that contains explicit content. Thank you :)

Have a Good Day!

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