I can organize ms excel monitoring; arrange data, create charts, pivot tables.

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Rest assured that you will be getting an accurate and excellent result of the work you've ordered. And hoping to deliver it on or before the deadline. You will get the best output for what you will be paying for.

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Hoping to help you ease the burden of your workloads by working accurately in every task you ask and delivering it on agreed deadlines.

Please be guided that I'll be needing all your files necessary for the task and for me to start doing it right away; the details and instructions of the task should also be clear for me to avoid confusions and other matters that we will agree upon.

Based price of P199 will cover only the data arrangement maximum of 3 sheets/1workbook, for additional jobs like:
* Creating charts/graph - to visualize the data or
* Additional Pivot table with graph - for more organized data pages or
* Additional formatting and etch.
Please refer to the ADD ON.

All documents will be treated with confidentiality.

Rest assured that I will give you an update regarding the progress of your order. Please let's have an open communication for any updates of the work. Thank you in advance and God bless!

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