I can prepare tour/travel itinerary & plans for your next getaway! for P199

Personal Tips & Suggestions. Well-Researched w/ complete details!

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Are you having a hard time planning everything for your next tour?
Are you in a rush and find no more time to face the hassle of too much research?
Would you like a well-detailed itinerary?

Well, let me handle that!


I am a travel enthusiast myself and with my 27 years of living here in the Philippines, I already have the fullest idea of the most popular sites here in the archipelago. I've been to a few destinations already in which, all the itineraries I had were all arranged by me. I already visited Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Boracay, Bicol Region, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Ulap, Pangasinan, to name a few.

I graduated with the degree in Tourism, and as the one who's always been responsible for all the travel plan arrangements, may it be with the family, with my friends or with my significant other, I believe I can help you arrange yours too. I think making travel plans is already innate to me. My instagram account is actually full of Philippine scenery. If you're in doubt, you can visit my instagram account: www.instagram.com/angelswanderland

Just answer the ff when ordering this service:
-date of tour
-number of pax or alone?
-details of how you would like the tour to be

Deliverables are the ff:
-w/ complete date and time
-w/ complete suggested activities, places to visit, accommodation, transportation, tourguides, prices, other necessities
-with complete details including phone numbers, resources and website links and pages
-professionally arranged and well detailed via pdf format
-good for 3days/2nights itinerary only
-within Philippines only
-within 1 province only

*Please note that these are only suggestions and well conducted research from my own experience and website resources. You may or may not follow the final itinerary but rest assured that all requests will be well noted. Also, a well-planned itinerary takes time to maximize the place you want to visit.

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