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Mental health and Filipino psychology

The mental health law, being a first of its kind in the Philippines, is a great stride in itself. It seeks to strengthen the efforts to help cure and address mental health problems to the persons involved and these efforts are worth appreciating. What could be done better is to focus on prevention rather than just the cure. There is still a stigma around having to seek professional help and people will usually only result to this when the stakes are already high not to mention irreversible.

Though this stride from the law is appreciated, I cannot help but notice how it merely promotes a band aid approach. Hence, there is a challenge to its effectiveness in helping the overall mental health of Filipinos. How many Filipinos in the present will be ready and willing to talk about their mental health? Without breaking the stigma, the cure cannot be utilized.

If only the right conversations can take place, this will prevent dissatisfaction’s escalation to unhappiness. How will it feel to belong to a nation whose teenagers are seeking medical help to address their depression vs a nation whose teenagers are focusing on the things that contribute to their wellness? The latter talks about reframing and shifting focus. Focusing on happiness expands happiness and focusing in despair expands despair. Indeed, the area you focus on expands.

As an example of a non bandaid approach to this problem, take Luxembourg’s lead. It focuses on the "Positive Education" model, which "bridges the gap between the skills of wellbeing and the skills of achievement." Basically, Luxembourg teaches adolescents to discover their unique strengths — unlike traditional teaching methods that encourage conformity — effectively destigmatizing mental illness and creating a happier, more productive citizens.

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