I can create a minimalist/creative power point.

Creative | Visually effective | Easy to read and present

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What you'll be getting

You'll get a minimalist/creative power point and visually effective. It will be easy to read and easy to present as well. You will get this either in jpg/png format or in as a Power point file, you decide.

*Jpg and png format either 1920x1080 (fullscreen) or 1024x768 (squared)

More info

Powerpoint? Prezi? Movie maker? Besh please, I do it differently. Naka experience ka na ba ng mga power point na kailangan mo pa ng magnifying glass para mabasa? Oh di naman kaya yung puno na text yung screen kala mo nakazoom? Well fam, that's why I'm here I can make a power point presentation that's so effective yung ppt na magppresent sa'yo, Kidding aside. hahaha

I follow the 7-line rule (if necessary) it will be visually effective, pleasing to the eye and it's easy to read and present as well. You can have it in any format you want as well. Just give me the topic, a bit specific on the topic and any information (like who are the members, what do you want it to look like, any theme, etc)

We can talk about the deadline :)

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