I can create/design simple yet pleasant digital poster, infographics, brochure

Will make graphic design output to help you!

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What you'll be getting

I can create and help you have a simple yet neat and pleasant poster/inforgraphics/brochure/any graphic design with of course, good quality!

- calling card
- logo
- poster
- infographics
- brochure
- powerpoint presentation (add-on)

More info

You can have your poster/infographic/brochure or any graphic design output without doing any work--because I offer that job!

I can create basic, simple yet pleasant and creative outputs (please refer to the sample images). Complicated or too detailed outputs are things that I will not be able to do but negotiable!

- Output will be sent as .jpg, .png or .pdf file
- Buyer can decide for the aspect ratio/size and color scheme

Details or content (info/photos) must be provided by buyer. One order/output at a time only. Revisions are free!

Order 3 days before the deadline of the output since 3 days is my maximum. However, 3 days is just my estimation and the total days will still depend on the workload! I only accept one-time requests thus, I will not be able to commit for monthly or weekly requests/jobs.

Please take note that I have the right to reject a request if I think I will not be able to do it or it is past my skills :D

Please do not hesitate to ask for revisions or give suggestions and I will 100% assist you while working for the better of the output.

More samples will be uploaded soon.

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