I can create graphic designs (posters, banners, for tarps, invitations and etc.)

8 years of using Photoshop

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I can do any digital graphic design and am flexible to changes as long as you give me exact instructions. I can also color in outlines

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I have been using photoshop for 8 years and I am self taught. I usually do this for my clubs and organizations in school as well as request by relatives and friends.

I only need clear instructions on what they want and what do they use it for. What kind of design they're aiming for and what do they want to see in the final out come. I also won't charge as much since Photoshop is only a hobby for me but I will provide excellent output and I will follow your instructions dutifully. I will always follow you up with my drafts and double check with you to achieve what you want. I am open to challenge my current skills and become better.

I can't do complicated digital drawing (artist drawings like faces, anime and etc.). Simple doodles are a can do.

For videos I can create moving texts with few effects. I use a combination of Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After effects. I'm great at Sony Vegas and I still need practice with After effects. A sample of a youtube video output on my work will be linked bellow. (It is a save the date for my own Debutante's Ball)


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I have 8 years of Photoshop experience and I do essays. for Photoshop: I can do invites, posters,...
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