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Upon order confirmation kindly answer the following questionnaire and send us via private message. Just skip those questions you don't know.


1. Logo Name - What is the name that you want to appear in your logo?

2. Tag Line - Would you like to add a slogan or tagline in your logo?

3. Color Scheme (Optional) - Are there any specific colors you'd like us to use in your project?

4. Symbols - LOGO STYLE. What style would you like your logo to be? Would you like unique text or a Text based logo, an icon with the name included in it, an icon with the name next to it, an illustration, or a different style?

5. Service or Product(Optional for Personal Use) - WHAT SERVICE or PRODUCT? What services or Product does your company provide?

6. Target Market - Target MARKET. What market is your product for? Gender? Age Group?

7. Logo Expectation - LOGO EXPECTATION. What should come to a customers mind when they see your logo?

8. Do not use! - Is there anything that you don’t want to see in your logo?

9. Your Idea - YOUR IDEA Do you have any ideas about your LOGO?

10 . Design Influence - Do you have any reference image or links to styles/logos that you like? If yes, please message me the image link

11. Additional Details

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I'm a self taught Graphic Designer and Programmer and soon to be a game developer I hope so...
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