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What you'll be getting

All animations are exported in a .mp4 format. If you need your logo animation to have a transparent background so you can place it on top of other footage, I can export it into .mov as well.

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Need someone who can animate your logo?

I would be glad to help!

Just click order and let's talk about what you need. I'll do everything that I can to deliver the fastest and the bestest (is that a word?) that I can.


P199 - 10 second animation of your logo

Please refer to the upper right for the pricing. If your animation may need more tender love and care (and time), please message me so we can discuss it.

I hope to be able to make your visions a reality and to work with you soon!

I am a self-taught Graphic Designer with 2 years of freelance experience. I have worked with local businesses and small projects that were extremely satisfied with the end products. Designing has been a long-term hobby of mine. I love how colors and shapes come together to create one cohesive work of art.

But before I got into designing, I was into video editing first! Every time we had school projects that need video editing, I'm the first person they go to. At the same time, I got into animating short videos and the like. I make sure to always do the ultimate best in every work that I do.

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I am a self-taught Graphic Designer with over 7 years of collective experience. I have worked...
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