I can create logos, cover photos and social media image posts for fb/ig/twitter

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What you'll be getting

You will get your desired logo/cover photo personalized for you preferences, as well as social media image posts that are visually pleasing, expressing your themes correctly, and standing out from others in the naturally competitive world of social media.

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You won’t have the problem of coming up with a good a unique logo and cover photo, as I will be the one to take care of it. Same goes with how you will make your every post in social media striking but visually pleasing.

All you have to do is to let me know exactly what your social media page is about, what products you sell or services you render (if it's a business page), what the theme or message of your page is (if it doesn’t sell anything).
What I need of course is the exact preferences of the page owner, so that's why it's important that my communication lines with my clients are always OPEN.

Unless requested, I cannot guarantee to make social media image posts on a regular basis for one page (this would be an add-on). I also do not take social media management jobs under this one, since it's a separate job.

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