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Graphically appealing and compelling presentations

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What you'll be getting

A well-designed presentation (in .pptx or .pdf format) that meets the buyer's standards. I primarily use Canva Pro to create my own templates, for and Microsoft Powerpoint for presentations that require animations such as morphing.

Please feel free to contact me about your PowerPoint presentation, and I will provide you with free suggestions or modifications to the presentation.

More info

Presentations are an excellent way to showcase an idea or product in a comprehensive manner. Presentations serve as a visual aid to ensure that buyers understand the information you're seeking to convey.

There are a variety of reasons why you should let me create your presentation:

- Profound knowledge and skill in graphic design.
- Outstanding aesthetic sense
- Flexible design style
- Ensures that all significant information is highlighted
- Great attention to detail
- Creativity
- Designs are not over crowded and pleasing to the eye
- Familiarity in using PowerPoint

Despite my lack of professional expertise, I have made a lot of presentations for academic purposes, including simple interactive PowerPoints (hyperlinks). I can also send you a Google Drive folder containing some of the presentations I've done.

I will also be providing a draft (in .pdf) containing the overall layout of the presentation should there be any revisions.

- Sharing of personal information is strictly prohibited. -

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