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Normal PowerPoints are boring, aren't they?

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What you'll be getting

The buyer will receive a personalized PowerPoint for any usage (may it be for business, school, etc.) in the shortest time possible!
(rushed ones could take 1-3 days, normal orders may take 2-5 days)

More info

Need a PowerPoint presentation that would catch the attention of your audience? Then you've chosen correctly.

I believe that knowledge and entertainment goes hand-in-hand. I offer my service of designing PowerPoint presentations that are themed towards the need of the client.

Need a bubbly, fun presentation? Got it!
Need it to be gloomy and dark? No prob!
How about a minimalist yet informative one? Okay!

I could do static (no animations, just the content layout) or animated slides. In addition, I could also do personalized PowerPoint Templates, so you can edit them yourself.

Details regarding the job could be further arranged with me. I'd be happy to talk about what else I could offer.

Basic things I need to know:

1) What PowerPoint version will you be using the presentation with? I've encountered problems with some features that may or may not appear - but we can talk it out cause I have alternatives.

2) What theme are you going for? If you don't have a particular theme, I could suggest some designs.

3) Outline of the PowerPoint. This is to know how many slides I'll be having and what I'll be putting on each slide. OR you can have me research regarding a topic.

Aside from PowerPoints, I could also do some graphic designs for posters, infographics, brochures, etc.

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