I can design presentations, posters, brochures, infographics, cards, etc.

What's most important to me is your satisfaction and cooperation­čĄŁ

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Clean, original and outstanding designs that will satisfy your tastes and expectations, all in a span of 2 days or less! Services include the creation of PowerPoint presentations, posters, cards, brochures, infographics, graphs, graphic organizers, planners, calendars, labels, print covers, collages and, resumes. Any tool you prefer to be used will be considered. Additionally, further editing and data entry is open to discussion.

Potential buyers are open to message me any time! ­čśŐ

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Hi! I am open to take in any and all kinds of projects related to art and graphic design or designing in general and would be eager to accept requests for anybody needing a reliable artist/designer. I am very experienced and skilled in the field of designing and creating content as I am aware of the elements that make up a striking and convincing design to please the audience's eyes with such as the right typography to use, color scheme, hierarchy, use of negative/white space, overall balance and ambience of the design, and etc. I have a good eye for what works well and what doesn't, and I am also familiar with many of the common programs and software tools made for designing and drawing such as Photoshop, Medibang, Canva, Vectr, Inkscape, Blender, DesignCap, and others. As a perfectionist, I make sure to listen and ponder thoroughly over what my clients' may want for their designs and ask directly when I have any queries or want to ask feedback for a decision made for the project. Most importantly, I am meticulous and endlessly creative when working on the actual design and can finish the given task/s in a jiffy with your help and guidance. When we do agree to work together, it would definitely be most ideal for both parties and the final output if we were to communicate effectively and remain a professional, amiable tone whilst interacting. I look forward to helping you get the most of what you need, thank you! 😊

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Diligent, energetic and hard-working are my more dominant traits as a student and artist. My...
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