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You will get 3 copyrighted designs to choose from. Original file of chosen design will be given after the buyer picks one.

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Get a modernized & eye catching menu for your Restaurant!

We have the best offer! You will get 3 copyrighted designs to choose from and we will send you the original file of chosen menu design! We're the only one who does this!

I will be needing your complete menu, how you envision your menu (eg. grid lines? outlines?), Your store logo, color scheme, and fonts if ever.

All orders will be given in PNG form but you may add an additional fee of Php 50 if you want it in PDF - Print.

If you want your PDF File to come with Crop Marks and Bleed - This is used by your printers to help & prepare your designs, a fee of Php 70 is added (All attached file has crop marks & bleed), this includes PDF File in Crop Mark and Bleed.

If you do not like the 3 designs sent to you, you may add a fee of Php 10 for another design.

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