I can make graphics - such as posters,logos, etc. - and simple animations

Graphics and Animations made in the shortest time possible!

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What you'll be getting

The buyer will receive the final Graphic or (2D) GIF animation for any usage (may it be for business, school, etc.) in the shortest time possible!
(average of 1-3 days)

More info

I'll be happy to help with suggesting ideas for graphics or animations to do. If the idea is already there, then I'm willing to talk out the details, I'm here to put that idea into reality uwu .

Graphics may be in forms of logos, vector art, infographics, poster layouts, invitation layouts, t-shirt designs, etc..
In cases of infographics and such, I am also able to research about the topics if you feel the need for the help (or if you're lazy and bored, either way, I'd still be happy to help with research).

Animations are preferably short gifs, nothing complex.

I use either Gravit Designer, Canva or Adobe Photoshop when making graphics. I use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Flash when Animating, just so you know.

I'll be there to help and continuously provide revisions until the buyer's satisfaction is met. So unlimited revisions! Yay!

I can deliver in 3 days or less - which could also be on the day itself - with the price of P199 (of course bigger projects may takes more, but the general, simple ones I can do in that time period and budget)

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SHS Student (self proclaimed 😂) Creative writer, simple graphic designer, simple animator...
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