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What you'll be getting

Professionally edited video with the length of 1 minute and 30 seconds which may include the following based on your choice:
-addition of background music
-changing of background for green screen
-and many more

I can give you what you need may it be a video ad, school or business presentations, videos for social media, or videos for Youtube.

Delivery time will depend on the complexity of the task and my workload so, please DO MESSAGE ME FIRST BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

More info

This job is for ANY VIDEO WITH THE LENGTH OF 1 MINUTE AND 30 SECONDS. If you want me to edit a video beyond that length, we will chunk the minutes per order (example: if it is a 3-min video, you will have to order twice but rest assured, I will send you the output per 1 min & 30 secs and send the final output on your last order OR JUST ADJUST THE NUMBER OF ORDERS WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER)


1. Describe in details what you want to have on the video, what is it for, what effect so on and so forth. State also the file format you want to receive.
2. I will send the progress/output of the video for approval.
3. I will do the revisions and send the actual video file.

*NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY AVAIL ONE OPTION PER ADD-ON. IF YOU ARE TO AVAIL MORE THAN ONE OPTION PER ADD-ON (FOR EXAMPLE: "ADD-ON 1: voice-over(I will avail a voice actor)/intros and outros for Youtube") ORDER 2 JOBS.

*NOTE: I will not do anything containing sexual/malicious/obscene content, false information and anything that is violating anyone or violating the law. I reserve the right to decline such projects.*

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Easy communication and fast delivery! Sending my 3rd order :)
works fast and meets the promised deadline. thank you so very much!
Easy communication and a job well done. Placed my 2nd order already.
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