I can do audience and topic tailor-fitted, astounding powerpoint presentations.

"Know and experience the power of PowerPoint."

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What you'll be getting

For only the base price of PhP 199.00, you'll obtain a professional-looking, eye-catching, jaw-dropping, 20-slide PowerPoint presentation to complete your communication package!

You'll also be guided on the slide flow and presentation features used after completion. Fonts used will also be embedded to prevent style changes.

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How can you benefit from my service?
>>> Tight on your schedule and need someone to do PowerPoint presentation slides for you?
>>> Want to spend your extra time honing your sales pitch instead of creating a PowerPoint presentation for that possible dream client?
>>> Behind on your deliverables for your thesis defense and want someone to take over the creation of slides?
>>> Save on your time by hiring someone like me to focus on creating your PowerPoint presentations!

What information do you need to provide for the creation of the slides?
>>> The topic (and an outline of the subtopics and ideas, apparently, the content of the presentation itself, if possible) to be discussed and the audience it will be presented to.
>>> If available, the PowerPoint software year version of the device where the slides will be opened (for compatibility troubleshooting).
>>> Additional insights on how you want your presentation to look like, including photos that need to be inserted into the slides.

What are NOT included in the service?
>>> Creation of media (audio and video) to be inserted into the slides (though you can provide me the files so I can insert them).
>>> Creation of presentation files using other software or application e.g. Apple Keynote (though I can assist you in converting the PPT into the file type needed by such application).

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