I can do e-book covers for your personal or commercial needs!

Simple. Elegant. Or Artsy. Just the way you want it.

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What you'll be getting

You will get a satisfying, unique, and attention-grabbing E-book cover in JPEG or PNG format for only P199!

More info

Just give me a thorough and detailed instructions of what kind of design you want for your E-book. If you don't mind, give me a copy of it as well. Just a chapter-- I mean page, will suffice so that I can picture and get the feeling of it. Or give me a brief introduction of what the book is all about.

I'll give you 2 kinds of cover designs for your e-book for you to choose. Slight modifications is up to once only. And another note, I don't make 3-D covers.

Want to use your own pictures for your E-book cover? Great too! Just send it and leave the editing to me. Just make sure that the quality of it is good and the size should be no more than 3mb.

One order is equal to ONE e-book cover only. But if you want to get the other cover design, you'll have to pay an additional P199 for the other e-book design cover that you want as well.

You'll get it on JPEG or PNG formats only.

I can finish the design within 2 days or earlier. :-)

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